>Country Music

>Snakeboy’s nickname in 1958 was “Hank”…
it was what he was called at home, and at school.
Oh gee, let’s guess where that came from 🙂

Country music, the Grand Ole Opry…
that’s what Billy and I were weaned on…literally.
Our DA played on the Opry, and had several bands in Louisiana.
I recall vividly as a kid the radio blaring the Opry in our house.
I had my favorite performers, even at age five…
the ones that I thought were way cool because of how they dressed!
Okay, okay, I admit it…
Give a young girl sequins, fringe, and elaborate embroidery…
and he was a hit! There ya go 🙂


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>Blue Moon Wedding 1999

>Billy (Snakeboy)& Lauren were quite literally wed on a “blue moon”, the evening of Wednesday March 31, 1999. The event took place at the Dabbs Hotel in Llano, Texas just outside Austin. They were married by Billy’s long time friend and fellow musician, Guy Forsyth. A two day event of music, and barbecue…Tejas Blues Style.
It was way fun !!!

It was still ole time Llano, and fun times at The Dabbs in 1999 😉
Those days are now gone…too sad.
Many a musician stayed there…
Much music was conjured up, and played at The Dabbs Hotel.

Hanging out, escaping the heat and pace of Austin,
and having a fun time…several musicians came up with the idea for
The Asylum Street Spankers at The Dabbs.


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>I Used To Kiss Her On The Lips…

>”I Used To Kiss Her On The Lips,
But It’s All Over Now”
©The Original Snakeboy ©Resonator Records

Track #11 on ‘Playing With Fire’ CD

It was on Kauai in the late 1960’s that Snakeboy really found his Muse.
He later wrote several original songs paying homage to Hawaii-style musical energy.
This is one of those songs.

With something so commercially popular as Hawaii and Hula,
people use images on their websites usually without giving credit
to the photographer, or other artist, that created the image.
After an extensive search, I think I’m given credit for most of the images
used in making this video…
unfortunately, one or two, I could not find.

Kim Taylor Reece
Alan Houghton
Ann Cecil

Herb Kawainui Kane
Susan Seddon Boulet
Pele mural at the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum

Stain Glass:
Marylee Leialoha Colucci


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>"Jesse Watson" National Guitar

Above Image IS Clickable to be able to read.

Snakeboy did tons of guitar repairs…the child “knew” guitars.
One of the guitars he worked on while he lived in Ashevile, NC
was an old National, originally purchased by one Jesse Watson
of Lenoir, NC…made prior to 1927!

Snakeboy did the pearloid inlay, and other repairs,
on the National that you see pictured.
I am sorry to say, a knowledgeable guitar person, I’m not.
Not sure which guitar is which of the 2 pictured here.

I do know:
Everyone was WAY jazzed to have in their hands,
and be able to play, a 1927 National guitar !
In Snakeboy’s possessions were at least 2 dozen
different photos taken of these guitars 🙂
Big Event.

You can see Snakeboy was just a little ‘happy’ 🙂
He loved National Guitars!

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>CD Reviews

>These are some of the reviews that were on CD Baby,
as well as other places, for Playing With Fire

 author: Guy C Smith
Awesome! Must have!

 Amazing….
author: Carole Carter
Playing With Fire is incredible!! We love it! Perfect for sitting under the trees in our back yard with friends and cold adult beverages!! Please let me know when he comes out with another!! Thanks and keep rockin on, Carole 🙂

 Playing With Fire is a genuine journey through a mix of emotions!
author: Joe Horn
It’s obvious right away when listening to the Original Snakeboy that he was born to play the blues! Between his low raspy voice and seemingly endless showcase of slide guitar licks, I was stunned by how much feeling he creates between him and his guitar! There’s nothing false or processed about this artist! Snakeboy is definitely the real deal!

 If this album won’t chase your blues away, you’re dead!
author: Gregory A. Bitowt, Chairman, Family Services Agency Inc.
Snakeboy’s amazing first, solo album of electrifying, pure acoustic blues. Louisiana meets east Texas slide guitar style, which is no bad thing! The greatest slide guitarist of all, Blind Willie Johnson was from east Texas, and Snakeboy is definitely moving into that neighborhood. He plays the classic blues with both respect & megawatt energy, and Snakeboy’s original tunes, such as Scratchy & Spooky Lou, are shockingly creative compositions and performances- defining blues for the 21st century. The blues is ALRIGHT! Thank you Snakeboy!!!

author: Noggin of Blues Matters Magazine, UK
Snakeboy…You Got IT!!, exclaims John Hammond Jr. on the cover of the CD. Obviously with THAT recommendation we do well to take notice. Snakeboy, complete with shaven head and snake tattoos gazes menacingly from behind his National Steel on the CD cover….All the tracks are unaccompanied, and feature just his GRITTY and GROWLING vocals, and/or SEARING SLIDE GUITAR: they were recorded live in the studio. Six songs are originals,…beautiful instrumentals, including “Spooky Lou”, and the aching “I Used To Kiss Her On The Lips, But It’s All Over Now”. Mixed between these are, just for example, wonderfully sparse versions of Son House’s “Preachin’ Blues”, Robert Johnson’s “Come On In My Kitchen”, and Big Joe Williams’ “Baby Please Don’t Go”. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AUTHENTIC GEMS IN THIS GENRE, AND I RECOMMEND IT WHOLE HEARTEDLY!!!!

 “Those who love slide guitar MUST GO SEE HIM !!!”
author: Franky Bruneel,…Chief Editor of Back To The Roots Magazine…
From May 14 to May 28 this cat is touring our area. Those who love slide guitar MUST GO SEE HIM!!! The Original Snakeboy plays standards by (amongst others) Son House, Muddy Waters, Big Joe Williams, and Robert Johnson. But he also performs self penned material. Very typical is “Spooky Lou”, with obvious links to Bob Brozman. For Snakeboy, virtuosity or revivalism are not the most important things. He’s not a new Catfish Keith, or Steve James. What’s really important for him is to have his own CHARACTER, and his own SOUND…..AND HE’S GOT BOTH OF THEM !!!!!

author: Bluesy Bob of BOBTJE BLUES PAGES…….Belgium
If anyone can be a symbol for uncompromising and great slide on a National Tricone, it DEFINITELY MUST be The Original Snakeboy!!!…Snakeboy plays in an UNFORCED and MAGNIFICENT way, the raw sound from the deep south of America, the Delta Blues. “Playing With Fire” consists partially of covers…but ESPECIALLY his own material like “Scratchy”,..”Spooky Lou”,..and “Nani”, are JUST BRILLIANT!!! Together with more than pleasant vocals, this is a TRUE BREATH-TAKER!!! Songs with soul and extraordinary musical insight,..once knowing him, his music is FOREVER BURNT IN YOUR HEART!!!…Snakeboy is an example for thousands of slide guitarists!!!!

 “Don’t think I have ever heard such good slide guitar before in my life.”
author: Matthew Gray of Hits Are Here ( Belgium )
The Original Snakeboy (Blues). A traditional sound that is played just as good as the ancient masters, THIS MAN KNOWS HIS STUFF!!! Don’t think I have ever heard such good slide guitar before in my life!!! Listening to my favourite, “Steve James Loves Shortnin’ Bread”. Not often do you come across such music like this, A TRUE GEM!!! Review Rating:4.5/5

 The New ” Wonderboy” of Slide Guitar !!!
author: Ben Vanhoegaerden of Roots Town Music Free-Zine…Belgium
On his first solo c.d. you’ll mainly find Delta Blues songs…It’s those kind of songs that he covers the most on this c.d…BUT in his own ( “ORIGINAL” ) way !!! His original songs are both fast played instrumentals, and “Hawaiian style” songs. He sounds like Taj Mahal….or maybe Led Kaapana…just playing slide!!!… In the song “Spooky Lou” you’ll find a lot of Bob Brozman in his playing… He was just recently selected for The National Reso-Phonic Guitar Cataloge, and one of his songs is on the latest National Reso-Phonic C.D. release…and on THIS album, only the BEST are selected!!! *****Conclusion: “RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO ARE INTO EXEMPLARY SLIDE MUSIC !!!!” *****

author: Scott Follweiler of C. F. Martin & Co.
Born To Slide….(“Scratchy”) sounds like an ice pick on barbed wire!!! Snakeboy has obviously done his homework…. It’s ALL there,..RAW, NAKED, BLUES!!!KEEP IT UP!!!!

author: Ton Wanten of Website Triple R Blues Radio in the Netherlands
Thriving, Throbbing, Refreshing. I get C.D.’s sent in all the time, mostly from Europe,and I always regret that the quality is…well ‘ya know. So I focus on releases from the U.S., but even there it is just once in a while that I think, MAN THIS IS GREAT…now I have this album that was sent to me by The Original Snakeboy. No compromises,just blues from the heart.So,’nuf said,check out the Internet for the album. Don’t talk..LISTEN!!!

 He has mastered an ancient art form
author: Alan Paul of Guitar World Magazine
The Original Snakeboy invests traditional music with contemporary feeling and passion. He has mastered an ancient art form in all it’s subtle idiosyncratic details but his music never sounds musty or stuck in the past. Slither on,son. Slither on.

 A true acoustic slide master
author: Dave Cowles of GHS STRINGS
The Original Snakeboy is definitely an Original, some of the slickest, greasiest slide you will ever hear. A true acoustic slide master.

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>Mary Burlingame – Producer/Host ‘Home Grown Live’

This is KMHD’s old banner, and a rare photo of camera-shy Mary 🙂

Mary Burlingame is one awesome Lady, and a real ‘star’ in my book!
She worked at KMHD for years, and hosted the “Home Grown Live” show.
The Original Snakeboy appeared on her show a bunch of times…
and they became quite good friends.

When I approached her via email if she just might happen
to have any recordings from shows, or photos she could share,
I’d be so very appreciative.

Mary emailed me photos, and mailed me 2 amazing recordings
from the Home Grown Live show! I thanked her profusely 🙂

Her responses:

“My pleasure!
I listened with a fond smile on my face thinking about that lovely
man and what talent he displayed.
I’m honored to have been along for a bit of his ride.
Treat yourself well,

“Glad I could do it.
By the way, really liked your brother. He was a very special spirit and had such tremendous musical talent. His contributions and winning smile will be missed.
Take care,

When KMHD changed their formatting to all Jazz, bye bye to Home Grown Live.
Don’t know what Mary is up to these days…hope she’s been gardening,
hanging out with her pups, and life is treating her well !

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>Learning To Use a Computer

>In 2001 I was wanting to teach Billy how to use a computer.
His response: “I’m a musican Pat, what do I need a a computer for!?”
I soon convinced him he was in the cyber-age…whether he liked it or not 🙂
He didn’t have a manager to get gigs for him…the whole ball of wax was up to him personally. Hello…learn computer-speak, and get more gigs!
Snakeboy turned out to be a super quick study, and was ferocious once he learned!

His first European gigs (where the serious money is for a Bluesman) began in 2003 in Belgium. Snakeboy made many tight friends, had a blast, was so gratified to be appreciated for his music, and was sold on playing abroad.

This child became a computer hog…burned his own CDs, made his own PR pdf files…
you name it, he learned how to do it…immediately. The talented Bro 🙂

This is a Family photo from Amsterdam 2003

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