Back To The Roots

BELGIUM — February 2003

From May 14 to May 28 this cat is touring our area. Those who love slide guitar MUST GO SEE HIM!! In 2000, The Original Snakeboy won The National Slide Guitar Festival in Gray, Tennessee. Guitar builder National, selected one of his songs for their latest Reso-Phonic compilation CD. These references are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the fact that this artist is still somewhat unknown. But,…Snakeboy does have a past!!
In 1981 he took a trip from New Orleans where he grew up, to Austin Texas, for the weekend. There he made a new friend, a little known guitarist named Stevie Ray Vaughan. Through his EXCITING SLIDE STYLE, Snakeboy immediately got a lot of work in the local club scene. He stayed in Texas and formed such bands as Coupe de Ville,
The Nomads, and the renowned Asylum Street Spankers (with Guy Forsyth). Snakeboy played over five years with Forsyths’ band and also with Guy as a duet. The Original Snakeboy plays standards by (amongst others) Son House, Muddy Waters, Big Joe Williams, and Robert Johnson. But he also performs self penned material. Very typical is “Spooky Lou”, with obvious links to Bob Brozman. For Snakeboy, virtuosity or revivalism are not the most important things. He’s not a new Catfish Keith, or Steve James. What’s really important for him is to have his own CHARACTER and his own SOUND ……AND HE’S GOT BOTH OF THEM !!!!!

Chief Editor……Franky Bruneel

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