USA — December 2002

With a name like “Snakeboy” one wonders what will be found on a product that proudly announces him to be the “First Place Winner” of the “NATIONAL SLIDE GUITAR FESTIVAL”, held in Gray Tennessee.
But all confusion and concern is set aside when the initial notes are struck and voiced in this EXCEPTIONAL EXAMPLE of slide guitar work!! Pair that with the fact that ole “Snakeboy” has a voice that rattles and scratches its’ way right into this
folk blues genre’, and you have the making of a solid first effort composed of 13 tracks, seven of which are original. Snakeboy keeps the front porch down home flavor TRUE to the DELTA !!!

My personal favorite on this acoustic adventure is track 4.
Track four, a purely acoustic instrumental, which demonstrates Snakeboys’ full range of technical skill and artistry. His ability to sustain and flow melodically within the textures of this tapestry is TRULY EXCEPTIONAL!! Snakeboys’ interpretation of track nine written by Robert Johnson, along with his presentation of track ten written by Big Joe Williams, are true to their creators while offering us with a dash of Snakeboys’ individual stylings and slide interpretation. This one will appeal to you Delta Blues purists who favor acoustic front porch roots blues. It is well balanced in the mix of material, as well as in its’ technical presentation……
IF YOU ARE INTO TRADITION, CHECK THIS ONE OUT,…… you’ll not be disappointed!!!!
By… Michael Roberts

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