The Original Snakeboy R.I.P.

“Snakeboy was the real deal: a truly gifted player and singer with dazzling talent and passion. He also had a jaded and laconic sense of humor that was right up my alley. The first time I met him I was a bit in awe and uneasy, and I fumbled out an awkward, “Good evening, Mr. Snakeboy.” He looked me in the eye, sighed dramatically and then drawled, “Now, mah daddy’s Mr. Snakeboy. Ah’m just Snakeboy.” We got along great from there. Every time I ran into him he was always interested in what I was up to, and only talked up his own musical exploits when asked about them directly. He was always handy with a colorful story or two as well.
Please check out his fantastic Playing With Fire CD.
Not just because he’s gone, but because it’s genuinely good.

So long, Snakeboy. May you find peace in the next world.”

– Patrick McDougall

PDX Logo ©Patrick McDougall

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