Snakeboy Gets His National Tri-Cone!

How The Original Snakeboy got his guitar:
While thumbing through a copy of “Guitar Player” magazine, he found an advertisement for The First Annual National Slide Guitar Festival, to be held near Asheville! And, some of his acoustic heroes, like Bob Brozman, Corey Harris and Steve James were scheduled to play. Plus, there was also a slide guitar contest. Snakeboy entered the contest, playing a 1960s National Folk Star model. He didn’t win that year, but as runner-up, he received a poster of National’s nickel-plated Style One Tri-Cone, the Holy Grail of guitars. His playing also had impressed National’s president, McGregor Gaines and vice president, Don Young, who told him with his style of playing he should be using one of their Tri-Cones. Snakeboy agreed, but he didn’t have $3,000 to purchase his dream guitar. Don Young gave him his card and said to call him sometime.

Snakeboy hung that poster at the foot of his bed. It was the first and last thing he saw everyday. One morning he called Don Young, who asked him what he was up to? “I’m looking at it, man,” was his response. “What’s that,” inquired Young. “The nickel-plated Tri-Cone. I’m looking at that poster,” Snakeboy replied. “You’ve got it bad,” said Young. Their conversation continued and then Young said to him, “We’re going to build you one.” Snakeboy was dumbfounded. He answered, “You’re not going to believe what I just thought I heard you say.” But, it was true. After giving the dimensions he preferred for his playing and coming to an agreement on the terms, Snakeboy received his new Tri-Cone 12 days later.

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