1980’s Austin Band – Coupe De Ville

Above photo taken in Austin Texas November 4, 1981…
Family Photo ©The Original Snakeboy Estate
“Coupe De Ville” Band Days

From Michael Lowell’s website:

(Contributed by Mike Claytor) MC writes: “I was the original bassist with Coupe De Ville, joining in early ’81. The original lineup was Brint Anderson – guitar/vocals, Bill Thompson (later known as The Original Snakeboy) guitar/vocals, Scott Reiner from SA on drums. From the beginning the band was more or less a revolving door for sax/horn players. Felo Malik from Monterrey Mexico, Henry Sisneros from SA, Bill Averbach (trumpet) from Austin, Tom Robinson from Corpus, Richard Hardy from Boulder CO, were some of the guys I remember working with. The original lineup played for a few months and then Jimmy Rose from SA replaced Scott on drums. I’d met Jimmy earlier when he subbed for a country band I was playing with. When Bill Thompson left the band he was replaced by Tom Beresford on guitar and vocals. This lineup, along with Wayne Harvey on keyboards and Christopher Dennis (Carol King Band) on congas/percussion, and usually 2 sax players, played for the next couple of years. We played the Back Room in Austin quite a bit. At that time it was a little room with a tiny stage in the corner. We spilled completely off the stage! We were doing a lot of originals as well as lot’s of Freddie King, Little Feat material. I recall playing regularly in Houston (Rockefeller’s, Fitzgerald’s), Corpus Christi, and Waco (Waterworks) during that time. We played Brint’s hometown of Natchez, Miss. a few times. We opened at Fitzgerald’s in Houston for SRV in probably ’82. It seemed for awhile we were the “designated out of town opening act” at Rockefeller’s in Houston, opening for the Neville Bros., Dr. John, Wilson Pickett, and others. I left Austin and came back and was in-and-out of the band at some point in the mid 80’s and bassists Bruce Hughes (Poi Dog), Ted Sweeney (Extreme Heat), and Cliff Hargrove worked with them after that. Brint eventually moved to New Orleans and still plays there. Last I heard Jimmy was in Houston playing with John McVey and others. I believe Bill Thompson passed away in ’08. Haven’t seen or heard of any of the rest of the guys in years.”

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