Antone’s Austin – Snakeboy’s Shaved Head

The shaved head story…
Billy was to perform with the Spankers one night…
so went for “the hair cut” that day to look his snazzy best. He called me, ‘the worst damn hair cut I’ve ever had in my life!’

So, he shaved his head! Right then & there on the
spot. Played that night at Antone’s, kept his hat
on…no one in the audience knew.

I think I’m recalling this story correctly time
frame wise: Before the next weekly gig at Antone’s, he & Guy decided (after much smoke) that Guy should shave his head too! He did…
and wore a hat (maybe a bandana) of some kind
during the gig as well…right at the end
he pulled off his hat, so did Billy…

Et voila!
Two shaved head Dudes!
The audience went wild!
Standing applause!
Of course, they always were at bit crazy at those gigs 🙂

Photo of Snakeboy by Leah Marino
Family Photo ©The Original Snakeboy Estate


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