Triple R Blues Radio – Netherlands

Logo ©Ton Wanten

Triple R Blues Radio is run by Ton Wanten…
he and Snakeboy were quite close friends, and good buddies.
Snakeboy called him Brother T.
I am fortunate that Ton has also bestowed his friendship upon me…great human being!
Please do stop by and enjoy his online Radio show.

For his website…click title of the post to go to Triple R Blues.
Or use the Link listed to the right.

“Hello and welcome to the pages of Triple R Blues Radio,
an on-line radio station operating from The Netherlands.
On these Internet pages you will be able to find out how to launch the radio through and listen to new releases and “oldies but goldies”.
I will do my best to keep the play list on Triple R as fresh as possible with lots of variety between blues and blues related music.

In the “News” section you can find out who’s the guy behind Triple R Blues Radio
and what I did before etc.
Reviews will be placed in the News section.

It is nearly impossible to put a play list on
the pages because the play list of Triple R on Live365 lasts for about 36 hours!
But once you have logged on to the Live365 player the play list is at hand.
Because of the Live365 policy you have to download their player, but that is just a
matter of a few clicks and a few minutes. After that the joy begins.

Dear Bands/Labels/Promoters/Pluggers-
To get your music played on Triple R Americana Radio, please submit CDs, press kits, promo materials, bratwurst, alcohol, homemade cookies, autographed shwag, automobiles, and any other form of payola you deem fit to:

Triple R Blues Radio
i.a.a. Ton Wanten
Houbenslag 41
The Netherlands “

Gotta LOVE that man 🙂

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