Hempstalk Festival – Portland 2005

Poster ©The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation

The Original Snakeboy performed most of his gigs solo in the later part of his career. But occasionally teamed up with other Portland area musicians to create: Snakeboy’s Viper Band. This was an avenue he wanted to pursue further, but it turned out to be just sporadic here and there, with many band members varying for each gig.
However, I think Cory Burden played drums most of the time.

To my knowledge there wasn’t any ‘practice’ per se before the Hempstalk performance.
Snakeboy just got in touch with a bunch of musician friends, and said…
‘hey man…wanna play this gig with me…sounds like it’ll be fun.’
The guys involved are all very talented professional musicians,
and could easily just jam together for this gig 🙂

The Original Snakeboy – guitar & vocals
Cory Burden – drums
Miguel Maldonado – sax
Reggie Houston – sax
Jim Miller – bass

Video courtesy of Tim Pate – stage manager that year at Hempstalk.
This was the first year of the Hempstalk Festival in Portland.


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