>Mary Burlingame – Producer/Host ‘Home Grown Live’

This is KMHD’s old banner, and a rare photo of camera-shy Mary 🙂

Mary Burlingame is one awesome Lady, and a real ‘star’ in my book!
She worked at KMHD for years, and hosted the “Home Grown Live” show.
The Original Snakeboy appeared on her show a bunch of times…
and they became quite good friends.

When I approached her via email if she just might happen
to have any recordings from shows, or photos she could share,
I’d be so very appreciative.

Mary emailed me photos, and mailed me 2 amazing recordings
from the Home Grown Live show! I thanked her profusely 🙂

Her responses:

“My pleasure!
I listened with a fond smile on my face thinking about that lovely
man and what talent he displayed.
I’m honored to have been along for a bit of his ride.
Treat yourself well,

“Glad I could do it.
By the way, really liked your brother. He was a very special spirit and had such tremendous musical talent. His contributions and winning smile will be missed.
Take care,

When KMHD changed their formatting to all Jazz, bye bye to Home Grown Live.
Don’t know what Mary is up to these days…hope she’s been gardening,
hanging out with her pups, and life is treating her well !

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